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Empowering startups and small businesses to reach more customers without breaking the bank!

We believe in the power of a strong online presence for startups and small businesses. Our entry-level website, ecommerce store and brand design services are tailored to give you the competitive edge, helping you connect with more potential customers.


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We've worked with startups and small business owners to get them up and running online. Check out some of our work!

What clients say

The process of getting setup online can be overwhelming.

I will take you through steps that will help make the process easier for you, and help you to feel more at ease about the way forward.


I will then guide you through the launch process and show you how to make any changes you need. Alternatively, I am available to do any maintenance if needed. Carrd sites are easy to navigate and require minimal maintenance work.

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Whether you need design services or have a question about your brand, I'm here to help.



Website DesignI create 1 - 5 page websites to help set you up with an online presence that helps you get in front of potential customers.Is this for me?
This is perfect for startups or small businesses that want to set up a portfolio to expand their outreach.
Design fee - from US$200
Timeline - 3 Days (*If all content available upfront)

Logo DesignI design minimalist logos that are100% original and custom designed to make your business stand out from the competition.Is this for me?
This is perfect for startups or small businesses wanting to create a more professional look.
Design fee - from US$180
Timeline - 2 Days

Brand SetupBrand setup includes your logo design & the design of your 1 - 5 page Carrd website. This will form the start of your brand, that can develop as you grow.Is this for me?
This is perfect for startups or small businesses that want to get a start online without the high initial costs.
Design fee - from US$340
Timeline - 5 Days (*If all content available upfront)

Brand StrategyIn this 90 minute online call session we'll look at your business positioning & how to setup your online presence. (Includes a template)Is this for me?
This is perfect for owners who plan to design their own sites & need some design & technical assistance.
90 minute call + template - US$100
Timeline - 90 Minutes (*Booked in advance)

The entry level sites we build using the Carrd platform and the hosting costs US$19/year.
The ecommerce stores we build on the Payhip platform and they have no fixed monthly fees.


Get There Chiang Mai


GTCM is a car & scooter agency in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are a small business run by a dynamic couple who both have other demands on their time, in addition to the agency. The goal of this project was to get them set up with a consistent look for the business and to get their website set up to provide them with a platform to showcase their fleet and answer some of the more common questions customers have. Thus providing them with a marketing and timesaving tool.

Services provided:Logo Design
Website Design
Website Graphics


Doodle Downloads

DoodleDownloads is an online store selling colouring page digital files for weddings and parties.
This is a part time side project for the owner and he needed a “window” to display his products without incurring too many monthly fees.
I designed a logo and product listing graphics for him, and set up his online store on PayHip. They have a ‘free forever’ package and he only pays a percentage of his revenue to use the application. As the store grows he can elect to pay a fee and be charged a smaller percentage of revenue.


Services provided:Logo Design
Store Design
Store Listings

Renette Hinsbeeck-Nel
(Light Mavericks)


Renette is an author and life alchemist who coaches her clients to live a ‘Life by design, not default.’
My objective here was to help set her up to have a consistent look online, and to provide her with a vehicle from which to reach and interact with potential clients.
I designed Renette a logo and set her website up to help her advertise her book and services to her target audience.
An additional objective was to set up an online presence that was easy to maintain, in order to save time and money.

Services provided:Logo Design
Website Design
Website Graphics



GraphicGeckos Design designs websites, e-commerce stores and brand graphics specifically for startups and small business owners.I'm Neil and my aim is to help you set up an online presence as early in your business journey as possible. The idea being to use the power of the internet to reach many more customers to help you establish your business as fast as possible.I've been in design and manufacture for more than a decade and realise that it can be costly to get set up online, therefore I use platforms that help you get started at very affordable prices.I'm here to help, get in touch!


Whether you need design services or have a question about your brand, I'm here to help.

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